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Linda has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree specializing in Psychological Counselling. She is currently in the process of completing her Honors Degree in Psychology, and plans to complete a Masters Degree in Psychology. 

Her past projects include volunteering at Bethany House Children's Home in Krugersdorp, and was also a dedicated counselor at SADAG (South African Depression and Anxiety Group).


Linda was first diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was 12 years of age. Since her diagnosis she has always been passionate to raise Epilepsy awareness and educate others on First aid for Epilepsy.


Being an avid Psychology student, Linda is dedicated and focused on promoting Epilepsy and Mental Health awareness. Linda is a wife and mother, a Worth Living ambassador, and is part of the Psychological Society of South Africa - Student Division FAQ and DRM team. 

Photographed above:

Linda Dias Menezes

Support group facilitator


Epilepsy Awareness SA Co-founder and Chairperson

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador 

Photographed above:

Muhammed Yaeesh Cassim


Epilepsy Awareness SA Vice-Chair 

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador

Muhammed is third year student currently studying a Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Counselling. He was born with mild cerebral palsy and diagnosed with Epilepsy when he was six years old.

Muhammed has never let any of his obstacles get in the way of being the best person he can be. He has recently been elected as the Vice Chair of the Psychological Society of South Africa - Student Division, and is also the Vice Chair of EASA.

 He believes that everyone has something of value to add to the world. His message to world to the world is, "open yourself up, and let the world see who you are. Whether you are deemed "normal" or "disabled"".

He has worked closely with people of physical and mental disabilities, throughout his life, and this has become his greatest cause. He has always been motivated to raise awareness for people living with epilepsy, physical and mental disabilities.

He hopes that through raising awareness for people living with epilepsy, physical and mental disabilities, that he will at least change one person's perspective, which will later change the greater community, and one day, society as a whole.

Daniella holds an Honors Degree in Botany and a Masters in Biotechnology. She is also a qualified Therapeutic Reflexologist and Aromatherapist.

She is a Social Entrepreneur striving to create sustainable programmes for organizations and individuals. In her capacity as a full-time volunteer at REEA Foundation (formerly Rand Epileptic Employment Association) she started and successfully ran a Charity Shop, Function Venue and Vegetable Gardens as a place for education purposes and food production.

She is passionate about empowering others to reach their potential, especially those with disabilities, health afflictions and/or victims of abuse. Her major area of interest is Horticultural Therapy, which is her current focus.

Photographed above:

Daniella Alexander


Epilepsy Awareness SA Fundraising Officer

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador

Anisha has a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Chemistry and Applied Chemistry (Wits) she also has a Bachelor of Health Science Honors degree in Bioethics and Health Law (Wits). Honors submission was based on Epilepsy. Anisha is currently studying Occupational Therapy (UKZN). She did her community service at Tambo Memorial Hospital, Olivedale Hospital and Sandton Mediclinic. She was formally diagnosed with Hypothyroidism is 2014, formally diagnosed with Temporal to Secondary Epilepsy in 2016.

She was diagnosed and experienced what it feels like to have two conditions that altered her lifestyle she felt a strong urge to be involved with EASA because, awareness is the first step to removing stigmatization towards people who have Epilepsy. 

She has a tattoo of a tribal seahorse at the back of her neck because

tribal = warrior and seahorse = hippocampus /Epilepsy mascot

Anisha Govender.jpg
Campi - Anisha Tattoo.jpg

Photographed above:

Anisha Govender


Epilepsy Awareness SA Support Group Leader

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador

Tash has completed disability management courses which are accredited with SETA and has fought for equal rights for all  disabilities, visible or not for over 10 years now.

She has a background in Psychology and Human Behavior from the University of South Africa, her love stems from supporting people who might not understand why they are going through what they are going through. She supports the individual and the group, the single point of worry and the cause we all fight for. That is the multi-facets that is Tash


Photographed above:

Nastassja Stander


Epilepsy Awareness SA Support Group Leader

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador

Alexis is currently a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts Degree Student. Born with the  Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, she was officially diagnosed with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy at the age of two. 

Since graduating from Matric / Grade 12, she has been passionate about raising Epilepsy and TSC Awareness.


She also has a passion to raise awareness with regards to fair education for those suffering from epilepsy. 

After completing her Montessori Diploma in 2013; it has been her dream to build a school, which provide quality education for children who have epilepsy, removing stigmatization children with epilepsy are facing in the schooling system in South Africa. 

Alexis .jpg

Photographed above:

Alexis Minnaar 


Epilepsy Awareness SA Support Group Leader

Purple Day - World Epilepsy Day Ambassador

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